• President of the Spanish Epilepsy Federation (FEDE)
  • President of the official Spanish IBE chapter
  • President of the Spanish association for people with continuous spikes and waves in slow wave sleep (CSWS)
  • Member of the IBE Community Council

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Dear chapters, colleagues,

I would like to start at the origin, that day six years ago, when I felt, with my son in my arms, that I would renounce conformism and
resignation, that I would dedicate myself to transforming the reality of epilepsy patients and their families. That’s how it all began,
chasing a dream. That vital commitment has brought me here, to write these lines full of sincerity, but also of intentions and decision.

I graduated in criminology, a legal science with a social profile, I have an advanced capacity for political analysis and logical thinking, allowing me to put together the pieces of the puzzle and turn them into analytical tools with which to confront different problems or realities. Deductive and intuitive, with scientific criteria for any social phenomenon.

For two years I have held the presidency of the Spanish Federation of Epilepsy (FEDE), along with four board members, forming a great team. As a result of the tireless work of all of them, epilepsy has achieved great milestones in Spain, for example; its consolidation and growth in the number of members by 40%, the positioning of epilepsy in the political debate, the financial transformation with a year-on-year economic growth 21/22 of 713%, expected to reach +82% in this present 2023, the establishment and consolidation of lasting relationships of trust with different stakeholders, the achievement of projects of marked success such as www.epiforward360.com, its institutional legitimacy, etc.. This experience at the head of FEDE, which brings together more than 30 organizations, has allowed me to see that the cause that unites us is stronger than the differences that may distance us. It is my intention to transfer this same strategy to the European level.

We are going through vital moments for the IBE, those in which we shape what is to come, learn lessons and set new regional directions. I am proud and excited about the opportunity to address all of you at this time, fully aware of the challenge of the coming years and all the work ahead of us with IGAP approval on the table and endless opportunities ahead for epilepsy.

This candidacy is presented with enthusiasm, but with humility; that which forces me to become aware of my abilities, skills and knowledge, but also of my weaknesses. Considering all this, I can firmly commit myself to all the chapters that make up the European region, as well as to the executive committee, in the same way that I committed myself six years ago, lending myself to collaborate in everything in which I can contribute value.

This commitment means dedication, respect, seriousness, good practices, effort and devotion during the next four years to achieve a transformative change for epilepsy in our region hand in hand with the executive committee of the IBE, with whom we have been working closely and with whom I feel a particular affinity and without whom this candidacy would not be presented. Transparency, ethics, professionalism and collaboration are the pillars on which I base all my actions.

I am convinced that it is not enough to talk about epilepsy, we must believe in it and work together to transform its reality, our reality.

And I encourage you to ask yourselves, what can epilepsy do for Europe (yes, in this order)?

The epilepsy that can and must be in the future. An open epilepsy, which defends the values of a European integration project as its own and which knows it is capable of facing the great global challenges under the umbrella of this organization, the IBE.

For all these reasons, I propose a legislature based on active collaboration in search of the transformational change advocated for by the IBE, the patient. The coming years are perceived as sowing, not harvesting. This is not the time for ready-made dishes, we need real ingredients: organization, will, cooperation and enthusiasm.

Let us sow together. Because he who sows, reaps, always reaps.

Finally, I would like to remind us that we cannot achieve these goals without the help, collaboration and participation of epilepsy patients, caregivers and their families, who know first-hand this reality that the IBE aims to transform.

I may be defending a somewhat romantic view of collaboration, but it has worked so far and I am convinced that it is the key to advancing with this pathology. Different organizations, different countries, medical professionals, patients, scientists, researchers and the same region, Europe. We are all here for the same thing: EPILEPSY.